Vacant Storyline for the World Heavyweight Title Lame to Say the Least

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Just wanted to share a quick word about Friday night’s “Chase for the Championship” edition of Smackdown. While I thought it was an entertaining two hours of WWE TV, overall this angle with Undertaker being stripped of his belt is very lame to say the least. The angle simply was done to have yet another Edge vs Taker match at Judgement Day, even tough some seem to think that Batista and Big Show will be thrown in the mix.

If they are not, then this Edge vs Taker III is going to take a lot of the luster off of the World Heavyweight Title, if there is any shine left for that title. Taker worked hard to make it back from injury, go though the task of waiting his turn, and then finally taking the belt in a strong match vs Edge at WrestleMania. There is no shame in Edge having a set of rematches, it happens anytime a champ loses. But to use the famous “strip of the title” by an evil GM really annoys me, and makes this match less than appealing.

I have no issues whatsoever with a good Edge vs Taker match. They have had two good ones already, and likely will have another at the PPV a week from tonight. Throw a stip in there, and it can be memorable. Now though with this silly vacant title on the line, this match will come across as another weak storyline in the company when they should let have just let the reign of the Undertaker continue.

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