Was This a House Show?

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Tonight’s Smack Down was a bit lackluster when you look at the matches. Other than the main event everything else was more like house show card than a prime time program. Of course that is what happens when you pool your top performers into a run at the WWE title, condemn one to hell and keep the Dead Man off the show. This of course limits what you can do as you scrape the bottom of the roster in order to fill out the show. Despite this there were some decent moments to the show surrounding its biggest stars.

Vickie and the Big show announced their new relationship as the new power couple since husband Edge is not around. Finally the Big Show gets a program worthy of his talents. By no means will this be as great as Undertaker and Edge, but what can match that. At least we will see what its like to having two big men put on solid matches. Unlike the failed attempts of trying this with Mark Henry, Khali and other failed big men, these two guys know what to do in the ring. This should be a nice hold over program until Edge returns and takes up his feud with Taker.

We had a fatal four way tonight to determine Triple H’s opponent for No Mercy. It featured the remaining competitors from the Scramble at Unforgiven. With the way they pushed Kendrick at the pay per view and during this match tonight one has to wonder what type of plans they have for him. Of course we will see a program of MVP and Shelton Benjamin for the US belt. And no surprise with Jeff Hardy winning this match to take on Triple H. This leaves Kendrick with no real competition to promote himself. I for one don’t feel he has what it takes to be a major player, but the WWE seems to see big things for him. If he is to sustain this momentum he needs to pair up with someone who will help raise his profile.

As for Hardy getting the title shot, this seems as a rush to me. This would have been a great Mania match, but it looks like they may go with Triple H and Undertaker now. I know there is previous history between these two, as last year at this time Hardy was pushing for the title. Whether this is to soon or not, it will feature some great bouts and the fans will be interested in it big time. These two are part of the biggest names in the WWE right now, and Hardy especially will want to show what he is made of after his last suspension. The only question is will Triple H drop the belt to help Hardy take his status to the next level?

The rest of the night was serviceable to day the least. Vladamir Kozlov in his quest for a real challenge after beating Funaki and Scotty Goldman came to the ring and took out Jeff Hardy after the four way match. Does the WWE really think this guy can run with the big stars now. He really hasn’t established himself in previous matches and most likely will fall off the face of the earth once he loses. I have compared him to Snitsky in the past and I see him going down the same path of getting a decent push via promos but never being able to go over with the fans.

Another guy getting a major push is R-Truth. This one is not working either as by the time he is done with his horrible song and dance entrance I really don’t care what he does in the ring. He does have good skills but with that horrible intro you immediately hate the guy and want to see him lose. He won by DQ tonight over Chavo due to Bam Neely’s interference. This would lead to a Chavo and Neely exchange of unpleasantness with Truth taking out both of them. Lose the hip hop act and they may have something in Truth, but until then this guy is nothing but a side show act.

Champs Hawkins and Ryder took on real life brother Primo Colon and Carlito. You heard me correctly, Carlito was back on TV after being in the dog house for who nows how long. The brothers would get the win in a non title match but should find themselves with shot at the belts some time soon. If anything this should be the last chance for Carlito to establish himself, if he is not already on the way out.

Jesse and Festus sent Kenny packing tonight , literally. Could this be the end of Kenny again, as if we remember last time DX packed up the Spirit Squad and sent them to OVW. Kenny of late has been the whipping boy of Smack Down losings to anyone he faced. Perhaps they are sending him down to season himself a bit or maybe there is big plans for him on the show.

Diva action tonight saw the good gals win with Michelle McCool, Maria and Brie Bella getting the win over Victoria, Maryse and Natayla. With the Divas belt now established will we see some singles action on the show. I know they want to get maximum eye candy opportunities, but please defend the belt if you it to be taken seriously. It’s not like they’re lacking for talent on the show, so hopefully the establish this in the future.


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