WrestleMania 25 in Review – Match #6 – Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels

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In what will have to go down as a match of the year candidate, Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker took the stage in the latest match at WrestleMania 25. Here is our breakdown of this historic match.

Matt Loede: This could have been the main event, as these guys easily made this the best match of the night, and possibly the best match in Mania in the past few years. You gotta love the intense back and forth, and the crazy endings that each guy kicked out of time after time. Frankly, this match reminded me of Angle-Benoit at Mania 17, Michaels vs Angle at 21, and now Taker vs Michaels. The facials of each guy as this match went on was classic, and you figure that HBK survived a pair of tombstones, and Taker a pair of super kicks. Unless something amazing happens in the last two matches, I’m pretty sure that we just saw the best match of the night, and when people go back and think about Mania 25, they will think of this match.

John Sefcik: Now we are picking up steam. It was not a scheduled Iron Man match, but it might as well have been. Despite the et-shirt goof on Shop Zone, the results of this one were somewhat in doubt. Both men went back and forth and put on one hell of a show. File this one away as the greatest wins of all for the Undertakers streak. Both men put life an limb on the line by putting out some amazing moves. The sequence of HBK missing the moonsault followed by an airborne Taker crashing into a cameraman left the audience shaking its collective head in amazement. There was talk of making this match the main event and after it played out that would not be a bad call. The championship matches are going to have to pull ot some major stops if they want to meet the expectations that have now been set.

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