WWE Thinking About Trying to Get Back Kurt Angle?

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Although the talks only appear to be very preliminary, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Kurt Angle’s name has been brought up within WWE and it appears the company could be making a play to bring him back later this year.

Angle, who turns 41 this December, could be faced with a big decision if he is approached by WWE about a return. His wife Karen was said to be a major force behind him leaving WWE and now she is no longer a factor with the two splitting up recently. The negative is that Angle is still pretty banged up and is much smaller than when he left WWE in 2006.

While many feel his size could work against him, the belief is that WWE would give him an easier schedule and he would make more money. Angle has dropped a ton of weight in the last couple years, and tells friends he is much more comfortable this way. The plus to staying with TNA is that he is always guaranteed a top spot, his size will never be an issue and even if WWE offers him an easier schedule it will never be as easy on him physically as the TNA schedule is. The general opinion on Angle is that the smartest thing he could do is stay in TNA, but Angle’s career is also coming to a close and the possibility of an increase in pay becomes even more important at that stage of his career.



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