A Big Return Coming – Jericho Appears on a Comeback

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The timing is right for a big WWE return, and it looks like the WWE is about to pull off one of the biggest returns they have had in quite a long time. Various sources are stating that the SaveUs.222 clip that played last night on RAW for what is coming up at No Mercy on October is for the return of none other than Y2J – Chris Jericho. The feel is that 7Oct is the text in the clip, and cd_volume4_1.act is the first track on WWF the Music Volume 4. And of course that track – Chirs Jericho.

How much Jericho would be in the ring is another story, but his return would rock the house at the Allstate Arena for that PPV, and it would be worth the price of buyig it alone. There are few big things coming up for Jericho, the biggest of which is the release of his book, which everyone says is very good by wrestling standards. If the return is not Jericho, then it could be someone else of shock, but I agree with those out there that state it’s going to be Jericho – and if it is, it will be a welcome return for one of the bigger stars in WWE history.


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