Long-Kristal Saga One to Forget

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I don’t even know where to begin with the just out and out ridiculous angle that was played on SmackDown on Friday night with the “wedding” of Kristal and Teddy Long, which saw Long collapse with a “heart attack” just before he said “I do.” The angle is so tiresome and not over, and if there is one thing you can always know about WWE weddings, it’s that something is going to go wrong, which is exactly what happened here. Why does the company, which loves to think this stuff is entertaining, tries time after time to take things out of the ring and present them in real life is beyond me. They always seem to take real life situations, like weddings, paternity tests, and child birth, and turn it into things like – heart attacks, the child being an Irish midget, and women giving birth to hands.

If there was one piece of advice to give the company – stay with what works, and what works is in the ring wrestling. One reason why now the John Cena – Randy Orton saga is becoming good is because they keeping it somewhat real. John Cena’s dad in the ring was a tremendous piece to gain more heat than ever on Orton. Back in the day when characters like Steve Austin and the Rock were driving up ratings and having some of the best feuds of all-time, it was because they made it real. Fans took to them because they felt they were real – not this crap now like a guy in his 50’s like Teddy Long hooking up and marrying someone like a diva like Kristal. It’s not real, and people are not buying it.

Here’s the way the Long thing will likely play out, if you care. They made mention that Long had “hypertension, which was worsened by the ingestion of the erectile dysfunction medicine Viagra,” and they will make it out that Kristal made him take it for hours of sex and what not. It will eventually come out that Kristal drove him to have the heart attack, and that she did it so her friend – Vicki Guerrero, can take over the GM role, which was discussed for some time, or possibly for her to be the GM. It’s going to end up being a joke of a ending to a storyline that people laughed at from the start. By the way – Teddy, get some acting lessons. I could have played off your “collapse” better than you.


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