WWE Says Good-Bye to Eugene

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WWE has let go of one of their wrestlers that is not on the list for violating the wellness policy – Eugene. The “nephew” of Eric Bishoff was moved in the recent draft from RAW to SmackDown, but other than a few beatings from some of the higher ups on the SmackDown roster, you really didn’t see much of Eugene and he really didn’t have any sort of program with any other wrestler on the roster at the time of his release. You’d have to believe that the move was done just because they really didn’t have anything to do with Eugene, and not because of any sort of personal issues.

Eugene (aka Nick Dinsmore) was a big time wrestler on the OVW roster before he came to the main roster a few years back. He right away got involved with a major program with Triple H that led to a match at SummerSlam, in which he lost. From that point on his character never really got over, and at one point he was going to go heel, but again, no one really cared and they kept him as a jobber face that never really got any sort of major push. It is interesting that with the recent 10 suspensions (Mr.Kennedy, Umaga and John Morrison are the three that we pretty much know 100 percent), they are axing wrestlers that supposedly are in the good with the company, but then again, that is how it goes when you can’t really get over with the fans.


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