The Vote May Be Yours – But it Comes with a Price

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Ah yes, it’s that time of the year when the WWE tries to cram in as many PPV’s as they can, and at the same time take money for lackluster cards out of their fans pockets. That will be the case in less than three weeks, as the company presents “Cyber Sunday” a card that from all accounts is picked by the fans, as they have the “power” to pick who they want to see fight some of the champions and what not.

The card basically goes like this: the company picks a title or match, and they either give fans the option to pick the stipulation for the match, or they give a champion and give the fans the power to pick who that champion will fight. Right now there has been only two matches with fans power to pick the opponent and guest ref announced, but expect them to start going fast and furious with the rest of the card in the next week.

There are always issues with this card, as in fans picking bad matches (take last years ECW title match with The Miz vs C.M. Punk) and there are always some bad stipulations that are offered, and every once in awhile you will get fans picking the worst one. Right now the slam dunk of the card is the involvement of Steve Austin as the guest ref for the match for the World Heavyweight Title between Chris Jericho and Batista.

The other thing that the company is going to get more year out of this event is more cash in their pockets. How? Easy, they are going the ‘text message’ route for fans picking the card instead of the old fashioned way of calling an 800 number. Right at the top of their website they have a big banner ad for “Vote Now – The Power is in Your Hands.” The ad is for you to text a number and tells you that you’ll be charged $.99 per vote, plus standard text message rates.

How cheesy is that?

So on top the $40 bucks people already plopped down Sunday for No Mercy, now they want you to A: pay a buck to vote for the next rushed PPV, and B: plop down another $40 for a PPV that normally is known for being a train wreck by all accounts. At least Vince and company are coming up with a way to make more money in this tough economic time, even at the fans expense.

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