Triple H Talks to CBS 4 in Miami

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WWE Champion Triple H did another media interview yesterday, this time with CBS4 in Miami. Highlights include:

Triple H on being a heel and face:
“I really didn’t change much to be a good guy. I was the bad guy that was so bad that people started cheering after a while and it became harder for me to get people to hate me. We just decided to go with it,” he explained, “But I do enjoy getting under people’s skin, so I kind of lean that way. It gives a little more flexibility.”

Triple H giving credit to Vince: “Everything I have in my life is due in part to Vince McMahon, and I’m not saying I didn’t have work for it and struggle for it like everybody else, but you know without Vince McMahon there would be no WWE. I think we all owe him that gratitude.” Triple H says McMahon is the reason WWE is so big. “He creates that environment. Vince is very big on saying ‘I’ll give you the opportunity and then what you did with it from there is up to you.’”

Triple H on what he would be doing if not wrestling: “If I wasn’t in wrestling, I would have to do something else with that kind of feed back and the only thing I can think of is being like a rock star and being on stage and getting that immediate feedback from fans, because that’s the only thing I can compare the reaction we get.”

Triple H on being the father of young kids:
“It’s like not sleeping ever, is basically the way it is. I have to go on the road and travel around the world to try and get some sleep. But it’s great; having kids changes the perspective on everything. It makes you appreciate everything you have.”

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