Nick Hogan Sentenced to 8 Months in Prison

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From: PWInsider

Former WWF, WCW and WWE World champion Hulk Hogan’s son Nick Bollea (henceforth referred to under his stage name of Nick Hogan in this article) entered a plea of no contest to the criminal charges stemming from the 8/25/07 car wreck that left his friend John Graziano badly injured and was subsequently sentenced to:

*Eight months incarceration in Pinellas County jail, which would immediately begin.

*Five years probation, which would include a no alcohol provision.

*500 hours of community service, the type of which would be similar to the service Graziano provided to his community.

*Three years of revocation of his driver’s license, preventing Hogan from driving until he’s 21.

The court declined to deliver adjudication in the case, which would have ruled Nick guilty due to the evidence at hand.

Presiding Judge Philip Federico called the case a tragedy for both the Hogan and Graziano families, especially the Grazianos for the loss of their son. The judge said that what started out as a “great friendship for two young men has turned out to be something completely different.” He said that he did believe that Nick has been hurt and is suffering from the accident, not in the same physical way, but still hurting from the loss of his friend.

The judge also noted that he has an issue with calling the incident an accident, pointing out the facts of the case and saying the wreck was the result of volitional decisions. “That accident could have been avoided at any time had any of the decisions [made that day] been different.” While Hogan did not have a criminal record, he felt that Nick’s driving record could be described as “cavalier” and that professional drivers understand the difference between a race track and a public street while carrying passengers. He called the incident “a serious of conscious choices that led to consequences for all involved.”

The judge said that he’s pleased with some of the things he’s seen and heard that Nick has done since the wreck and felt that the Hogan family has done much to assist the Graziano family since the wreck. He said that despite that, he cannot overlook that had decisions not been made, Graziano would not be suffering and Nick would not be standing before the court.

“There is no perfect answer. You weigh the things you’ve heard and try to present a decision that you feel is appropriate.”

The August 2007 car wreck left one of Nick’s closest friends, John Graziano, permanently disabled and injured and in need of hospitalization for the rest of his life. The no contest plea was partially due to to the ongoing civil case against the Hogan family by the Graziano family.

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