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Consider this title a spoiler alert for those who have yet to watch Raw. For the fortunate ones who were able to take it in, what the heck was up with that ending? I know they want to push Cade, but attacking Triple H and getting involved with Jericho and Cena to boot is not what I was expecting. Not that I have anything against Cade, as I feel he has plenty of potential, but to thrust him into the spotlight like this is a bit much. Remember when Snitsky was the heel de jure and found himself involved with the top names on Raw for awhile. Now we barely hear from him anymore. Is this what the future holds for Cade? You have to think they could have found some mid card talent to start him off with now that he is on his own, then worke him up the ranks. Hopefully things work out for him as he has shown potential and Jim Ross really feels he has something to give. Maybe a move to Smack Down via the draft will find a good program for him to start establishing himself.

So when will they put a belt back on Umaga? Again he proves why he may very well be the best worker the WWE has. I have said it many times before, but you can literally throw this guy into any situation and he will give you a great match. The only exception I can think of was his match at Mania with Batista, but that was a poorly planned brand versus brand match. He showed it again tonight going up against Cena in a street fight match in what could have been the best match tonight. To bad they out it on first. Umaga is another person to watch closely to see where he ends up. A move to ECW could be a great way to infuse some much needed talent to a poor roster. Plus with ECW soon to be going on the road with Raw, he can cross over and keep his name out there with the big boys.

Some long anticipated turns were made official tonight as we saw Jericho officially go heel and Kennedy turn face. Jericho publicly blamed the fans for his actions against Shawn Michaels and ended up being confronted by Rick Flair. As the two were taking it outside Jericho was stopped by Triple H thus ending in a match between the two. This is a great move as Raw needs some top level talent in the heel role and Jericho’s cocky demeanor fits the bill.

As for Kennedy he has not done anything officially to become a face but when you tag with crowd darling Mickie James I think it punches your card. They took on the Burchill’s tonight in mixed tag action that saw Katie Lea pin Mickie for the win. This may become the next stop for the Women’s title after Beth Phoenix for Mickie James as they have been showing some decent stuff out of Katie recently. As for Kennedy I’m not sure if this program with Paul will last and look for Kennedy to also find greener pastures on Smack Down after the draft.

The fall of Carlito continues as he took on Jeff Hardy and lost again. The match was not bad as Carlito displayed the athletics that make him worth keeping around, but another loss does not help his cause. After he resigned things were looking good for him. He looked in line for the World Tag Team belts with Santino, but their program fell through. After the comment he made recently about Tripe H using his marriage to Stephanie to stay on top, one has to think Carlito’s days are numbered. That is sad because he is very good in the ring. This match and the ladder match he had a few months back with Hardy shows he has great talent. But like so many talented wrestlers they get lost in the shuffle of the WWE. If he moves to TNA look for him to makes some waves on that old and washed up roster.

The rest of the show tonight was horrible filler. It’s looking they have given up trying to make the show decent since they already have Night of Champions booked and they don’t want to start anything else due to the draft. We saw a less than a minute match between Cryme Tyme and Holly and Rhodes, a terribly long Bikini contest segment and the continuation of the Million Dollar Mania. I did not comment on that last week, but after two weeks of this give away it is time to put it to rest. Going the reality show route has failed again for the WWE, as the segments are drawn out and take away from the pace of the show. The addition tonight of the horrible music while Vince was dialing the phone numbers of the winner only makes it worse. Again this is wrestling. We watch because we want to see wrestling.

Why not give the fans some decent matches and watch as ratings will increase. While your at it let your performers share more of their personalities like we saw during the boom years of the 80s and 90s. I find it funny that the WWE released a DVD of one of the best mic performers ever in the Rock, in an era that has poorly scripted interview pieces. Let the guys be themselves and that will hook the fans even more. Look at some of the most enduring wrestlers of all time; Hogan, Stone Cold, the Rock, Jake the Snake, the Macho Man and Roddy Piper to name a few. All of those guys were larger than life due to their personalities, not what a bunch of writers came up with. Why not try this formula on today’s big stars. You might be surprised Vince, the fans may actually want to tune in each week to see what their favorite figures have to say, instead of hoping to win some giveaway contest.


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