A Night of Stalking and Making Matches on RAW

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Two night ago on the Armageddon pre-match report here on Let’s Talk Wrestling, I said that I did not want to see them rush a match with Legacy vs John Cena and Batista. So what did we get on RAW last night? Legacy vs John Cena and Batista. And so it goes with the WWE.

The company just cannot stand to let things build, and instead of letting the fans wait for something, they instead rush things in the ring and out, and while the match with the five super stars was very good in my opinion, the ending with Batista being taken out with a Randy Orton kick was rather flat, and they ended the show with a rather weird scene of Cena over Batista with Orton looking on.

The rest of the show was okay, as there was the usual many recaps and then the awful and strange storyline with Kane and Kelly Kelly, which came out of nowhere, and really went nowhere. By the way, the wrestler at the end of the day that is going to be dating Kelly Kelly is going to be C.M. Punk, and that probably will come out during Punk’s title shot vs William Regal, and then we’ll see a Kane-Punk feud with Kelly Kelly in the middle.

Then we had the announcement by Stephanie McMahon about four matches next week to see who will face John Cena at the Royal Rumble. Then those winners of those four matches will go at it in a Fatal Four Way, which is kind of a cool way to decide the contender for the belt.

The matches will be:

Shawn Michaels vs Kane – Michaels goes over here
Rey Mysterio vs JBL – I like JBL here
Randy Orton vs Batista – Orton wins as they will play the Batista injury angle
C.M. Punk vs Chris Jericho – Y2J stays in the title picture

So that would put us with a match of Michaels, JBL, Orton and Jericho. Now while I am purley throwing this out there, I can see JBL winning, as he’ll have Michales take out Jericho and then he’ll find a way to beat Orton as Batista comes back for revenge vs Randy. Just a guess, but kind of makes sense as to where they are going.

The rest of the show was mostly filler, with Dolph Ziggler winning vs Santa Claas (Charlie Haas), Miz and Morrison beating Punk and Kingston to keep the belts (then Kane laid out Miz, thinking he was the boyfriend), Mysterio beating Sim (I’m not “Deuce” anymore) Snuka.

Speaking of which, what a weird way to change your name from “Deuce” to the son of Jimmy Snuka. Can you see a hook-up with Legacy coming as well for Sim?

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