Former WWE Intern Speaks on the McMahon Family

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An anonymous person who recently worked inside WWE’s writers room as an intern assistant and got to sit in during a few creative team meetings had some things to saying regarding his experience observing the McMahons at work. The person really put over Stephanie in particular. Here are his comments regarding Stephanie, Vince and Shane:

On Stephanie: “The woman is so passionate and hard working I have no idea how she keeps up. Despite all the pressures of alive production and constantly having to deal with mega egos from her male counterparts, one thing that always stood out about her was that she always remained down to Earth and approachable. In production meetings, numerous writers would pitch ideas. It was her job to decipher what would go to Vince. Vince would have the final say and often make several changes in the end. Not all ideas were great. Some were downright ridiculous. What most impressed me about Stephanie was that if there was something or somebody she truly believed in, she really stuck to her guns. That didn’t always rub people the right way. Seemed everyone always had their own agenda and everyone always seemed to think they knew what was best for the company. Her job is to play the bad cop and decide which direction to go. I truly believe her decisions were based solely on making the WWE a better product within the realm of pleasing family friendly advertising giants as well as wrestling fans always pushing for cutting edge material.”

On Vince: “He, like Stephanie is very passionate and hard working, but unlike Stephanie, he is very neurotic and intense. Not saying this is a bad thing. It’s his company but he does demand respect.”

On Shane: “He never seemed to grasp the big picture from a creative standpoint and always seemed more self-preserving in his ideas and thoughts.”

The intern also described Shane as a “polished ego-stroker” who likes to think of himself as “one of the boys.” The intern said Shane is always pushing ideas for Batista, while Stephanie was always trying to come up with ideas for the younger performers.

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