The Road to Kane Through the Cane

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As we gear up for One Night Stand in two weeks each brand has been putting together its matches for the card. Tonight ECW opened with GM Estrada announcing a number one contenders match between former champs John Morrison, CM Punk, Chavo Guerrero and Tommy Dreamer. The winner will face Kane at the Night of Champions for the ECW title. Of course this match for One Night Stand would be a Singapore Cane match in classic ECW style. But before we had this match the competitors would face each other in tag match tonight. It was Punk and Dreamer up against Morrison and Chavo. The match was very good as the athletic styles of Chavo, Morrison and Punk mixed very well and Dreamer added the necessary brawling to tone the pace down. It would end with Chavo pinning Dreamer but that was not all. Since this match was between former ECW champs the Big Show made an appearance to remind everyone of his days as ECW champ. He quickly choke slammed all the men in the ring and announced he is adding himself to the match at One Night Stand. We have speculated on this site about what the future holds for him, and now it looks clear. Look for Big Show to win and enter into a program with Kane. This will put the two big men together until they sort out who will remain in ECW and who will go onto greener pastures.

Speaking of Kane, it looks like they brought back his sadistic evil side, perhaps to make him the heel against Big Show. In his match against the Miz tonight he would end up getting DQ ed due to failing to break a choke move while the Miz was upside down in the corner. This was preceded by a series of beatings in the middle of the ring and an attempt to jump off the top rope onto the KO ed Miz who had a chair around his neck. Luckily Morrison cam to the rescue of his tag partner to avoid anymore damage courtesy of the Big Red Machine. I like this evil turn for Kane as it helps to define his character more. Let’s face it since he lost the mask there has really not been much mystique about him and he really has fallen to the wayside in getting premier matches. Hopefully this will boost his career and spice up ECW a bit.

The streak has ended folks as Kofi Kingston finally lost at the hands of Shelton Benjamin. The match was a great display of they athletic talents both of these men have. In a way I really feel they are wasting these matches on a meaningless storyline as this feud can produce some great matches. Both of their styles compliment each other very well and it would be fun to see this for some type of title so we can see it at a pay per view. Hopefully in the future it will be revisited as long as Benjamin can keep raising his game on a consistent basis and Kingston still shows the promise of being a solid star in the WWE. I would love to see these two battle for the ECW title, especially since both are actual members of the roster. Now there is a novel concept, have the ECW champ be from ECW and compete against fellow ECW members.

And in the obligatory Kelly Kelly, Mike Knox and Colin Delaney appearance we saw Kelly pin Layla in mixed tag action. At least the bookers are putting all three of these individuals who seem to be on every ECW show together so we can make room for decent matches. But the plot for each of them is getting old. Kelly Kelly is still not ready for in ring action, so can we refrain from this till she is. Yes keep her on the show as she is easy on the eyes, but lets hold off on the wrestling for now. Mike Knox was no good his first time around in ECW and it looks like the second verse is the same as the first. And the Colin Delaney getting squashed by everyone antics are growing tired-some. Tonight sees Knox destroy him only to be forced into a match with Estrada right after it to receive some more punishment. Does anyone really care about Delaney. I’m guessing the answer is no, so why do they keep pushing him. We already have one whipping boy in ECW and that is Tommy Dreamer. Let’s leave it at that .


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