Notes on the Upcoming Hell in the Cell DVD Set

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Devin Melsom sent the following notes on the forthcoming WWE Hell in the Cell DVD set:

*For those who have not seen the Taker/Austin vs. Kane/Mankind match, it is really just a segment, so don’t expect too much from it. Basically it was there so Taker could get some retribution on Paul Bearer.

*The other match that some people may not have seen is the Foley vs Kane match. It is a fairly ordinary and short TV match. The highlight is a bump Foley takes from the side of the cage through the announce table. He over-shoots the fall, and his head cracks the floor. Ouch.

*The Wrestlemania 15 wash-out between Taker and Bossman is left off the DVD. It is not missed.

*There is an intro before each match to give you an idea of what was going on in the build-up to each match, which is a welcome addition.

*Mick Foley hosts and provides some good insight that I had not previously heard (perhaps he mentions them in his books, but it has been years since I read them). He says that it was Terry Funk’s idea to have Taker and Foley start on top of the cell, a move which Foley now regrets.

*Once the DVD moves through the Foley related matches, things get less interesting. Foley is really just going through the motions, as he was not involved in the matches, and doesn’t have much insight to provide. Personally I think participants from the matches should have been brought in to give their recollections of the matches, but hey, that’s just me.

*I would struggle to recommend this DVD to someone who already has most of the matches. The Six-man has not been released on DVD before, so that provides some value. The only other two not available on DVD are not enough to justify the price tag, and seasoned fans will probably not learn too much new from Foleys commentary in between matches.

*If you have not seen some of the PPV cell matches then I would recommend this. There are some really good matches on here. My personal favorites are Taker/HBK, HHH/Foley, Taker/Lesnar and HBK/HHH. Shame the Edge/Taker match came too late to make it on.

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