WWE Releases List of Stars for Upcoming Draft Show

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The WWE Draft on Monday night has begun to get a lot of focus, and the company is out to make the 3-hour edition of RAW a memorable one, as they have announced a list of stars that will be on the show. The story line on Monday night this past week was that the 3-hour RAW is going to be “Mr.McMahon Appreciation Night,” and now a list has been released on who is going to be on the show.

First they will have Steve-O from Jackass, who is on the show for the obvious reason of starting the angle that will eventually have him and a few of his co-stars in the main event for Summerslam. What role Steve-O will play on Monday night is unknown. Also set to appear is former WWE wrestler, announcer, and Governor of Minnesota – Jesse “The Body” Ventura. McMahon and Ventura use to announce matches together in the past.

Former manager Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, a WWE Hall of Famer and legend, will also appear on the show in some form. “Mean” Gene Okerlund has been signed to make an appearance on the show. And finally, former wrestler and New York Times best selling author Mick Foley is also going to be on the show as well.

Foley spoke a lot in his most recent book about an angle upcoming, and this may kick that off if that indeed is to be the case. The story line with Foley and Melina, which lead to Foley being “fired” after SummleSlam last year has not ever really been wrapped up, and if he is to come back, there was talk of an angle with McMahon, or possibly something to get revenge on the women’s champ.

As far as the actual draft goes, not much has been leaked by the WWE as to the amount of wrestlers that may be moving, or what else may exactly go along with it. The WWE did send out a press release with the following comments from Stephanie McMahon Levesque, who evidently with her new position is now the voice of the company. “With the 2007 draft comes an unprecedented occasion in WWE history where each Superstar across all three of our programs is subject to being placed on another roster,” said Stephanie McMahon Levesque, Executive Vice President, Talent and Creative Writing. “No one will be safe this evening. This is what makes it so exciting to witness, as viewers will see some of their favorites being traded to a different roster, making for a thrilling dynamic in the months ahead.”


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