The Good, The Bad and a Final Grade for Mondays RAW

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RAW Monday night was a jam packed show, some of which was pretty good, but as usual some of which was very bad. Here we go with another edition of our Good, Bad and our Grad from RAW:

The Good

* The opener with C.M. Punk and Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight Title in a cage was a solid match and way to start the show. Both guys I thought worked hard, and while the ending was a little lacking, I thought overall the match was well done and pretty good. Got the crowd right into the show.

* The finale with the announcement of Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michales was not only a surprise, but a welcome surprise with the stip of the ladder match. And here I thought they would go with another Batista challenge for the title. I guess they will keep that for Cyber Sunday. For now, Michaels and Jericho should put on a good show.

* Candice Michelle again looked strong as she gets set to challenge Beth Phoenix at No Mercy. Against Jillian Hall she had her best match by far since coming back. Now we’ll see if she can do it vs Phoenix when it counts at a PPV.

The Bad

* The whole Kane-Mysterio thing was awful. The match was watchable and okay, but the ending was so weak, and now we throw a very green Evan Bourne in the mix? Don’t really get what that is all about, other than a major rush job to bury Bourne next week vs Kane (which you know is coming).

* I don’t think I have to say too much good to say about the ultra-weak 6-man tag that was a total waste of time. Why keep throwing two very good tag wrestlers along with a new guy we’ve never seen against one good current wrestler in Kofi Kingston and a joke of Jerry Lawler and Charlie “JR” Haas is totally beyond me. You can’t come up with something better?

* Wow, so Layla is jumping ship to William Regal and leaving Jamie Noble?! A: I never knew she and Noble were actually together, and B: who really cares?

Final Grade for the Show: C-

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