Backlash Coverage Match Five: 6-Man Tag for the WWE Title – Legacy vs Batista, Shane McMahon and Triple H

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One of the two main events was the 5th match of Backlash 2009, as Shane McMahon, Batista and Triple H took on Legacy. Here’s our thoughts on this co-main event.

Matt: Well, I guess that means that the HHH win at Mania means nothing, and that was the way it should have been. Orton was on a roll going into Mania, but they couldn’t allow it to end on a sour note, so they allowed HHH to get a win that in the end – means little. Now we have real drama, as they are going to push Orton as the champion, Batista and HHH as contenders, and likely we’ll see some sort of three-way with Orton having to fight off Batista and HHH for the next few months.

Overall, this match was pretty lacking, as really Legacy and Shane meant little, and it really all came down to Orton, Batista and HHH. Now they will play off HHH getting punted, which is pretty lame since he didn’t take the kick flush, but whatever. In the end, we knew they had to give the strap to Orton, problem is, I think it came about 21 days too late.

John: We have a new WWE champ and most likely will see a title quest between Triple H and Batista for Orton’s crown. I think everyone saw the possibility of Batista messing up H’s title defense as a program between those two has been long rumored. The question is how will all three men factor in and will Batista go heel. This match for all its hype though was a bit slow till the end. It picked up once all the competitors started to take each other out and leave just Orton and Triple H alone in the ring.

They had trouble developing the other wrestlers as they really had no other connection to each other. Legacy only was there to help Orton, but Shane, Batista and Hunter all had their beef solely with Orton. I felt they could have played up the fact that the other men’s actions could have cost both Triple H and Orton the title, that would have spiced up the match more than what we saw.

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