Jim Ross Updates His Question and Answer Section of His Blog

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Jim Ross has updated the Q&A section on his website, jrsbarbq.com. Below are some of the latest highlights:

– JR on why Dustin “Goldust” Runnels isn’t given credit:
Perhaps we should have a parade in his honor. Only kidding. Dustin pulled off the Goldust persona extremely well, if you will, and better than any one I can think of doing the bizarre characterization. Sometimes art imitates life.

– JR on DH Smith:
He’s still in school learning his trade. No one should be in any hurry and allow Smith to be called up when he is truly ready. Yes, I believe he has tremendous potential but how good he becomes is really up to him and how hard he works at improving not unlike any other young wrestler.

– JR on Melina: I hear she is healing nicely and is likely to still be out a few more months to allow her heel to heal properly. We all miss her I assure you.

– JR on Umaga and Super Crazy, Jimmy Wang & tag teams: Umaga will be back in action on Friday Night Smackdown soon. If it was as simple as Jimmy Yang and Super Crazy solving the lack of interest in tag team wrestling, I am all for it. Hopefully Carlito and Primo are a step in the right direction as Primo seems to especially have great “fire” and charisma.

– JR on signs fans bring to shows: I like the majority of the signs the fans bring. Some are offensive and shouldn’t be allowed to appear on TV and that’s not a “freedom of speech” issue. Some insecure fans make hurtful or perverse signs just to garner attention for themselves. However, in general I have great respect for the fans who take the time to make funny and nicely done signs. I got no clue regarding the “Pork” signs but I have a general idea.

– JR on AJ Styles: He’s a very good hand but it is much too early in his career to consider him as becoming a “legend” or a HOF’er.

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