2011 WWE Extreme Rules Results and Thoughts

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Results from the latest WWE PPV – Extreme Rules on May 1st in Tampa:

Triple Threat Cage Match for the WWE Title
John Morrison vs. John Cena vs. The Miz

Cena pins the Miz clean to win his 10th WWE Championship. R-Truth gets involved and attacks John Morrison during the match to extend their ongoing feud.

Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight Title
Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio

Christian climbs the ladder and wins his first Heavyweight Title with his pal Edge out to celebrate with him. Edge blows a horn on a car to distract Del Rio, who has now lost back to back Title matches on PPV.

Last Man Standing Match
CM Punk vs. Randy Orton

Opener of the night that kind of dragged on, as Orton finally wins after taking a long beating by Punk, just like at WM 26. Orton wins with a RKO from the top rope and Punk is unable to answer the 10 count.

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio

Match as one could have guessed went all over the arena, and in the end Mysterio gets the clean pin on Rhodes after he lost clean at Mania.

Country Whipping Match
Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole and Jack Swagger

Cole rolls up and pins Ross for the win in a match that again had the comedy aspect of the night. Ross went into the match with a broken hand, and mostly whipped on Cole and Swagger. Sure this isn’t the end of this never ending feud.

No DQ, No Countout, Loser Must Leave SmackDown
Layla vs. Michelle McCool

Layla says to fellow divas that she’s sorry for her actions, and then goes out in a pretty good diva match and pins McCool clean. McCool then gets attacked in the live debut of Kharma, formerly known as Awesome Kong.

U.S. Championship Match (Tables Match)
Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus

Kingston goes over clean to top Sheamus and win the US Title, this after losing the IC Belt to Wade Barrett close to WM 27. Good match that was thrown in at the last minute by Teddy Long.

WWE Tag Team Championship Lumberjack Match
Big Show & Kane def. Wade Barrett & Ezekiel Jackson

Show and Kane go over clean to keep the WWE straps. The Corre continues to have major issues, and Jackson and Barrett don’t get along at the end of the match after Show and Kane won. May be the beginning of the end of the faction.

Thoughts on the Night: Better to above average PPV. Christian and Del Rio the best match, while the main with Cena winning the belt was somewhat of a letdown. Big pop for the debut of Kharma, and the Ross/Lawler/Cole feud is just getting worse and worse at this point. Company will rush to put together a PPV three weeks from now, with Miz and Cena going at it again, and likely Morrison and R-Truth, and yet another Cole-Lawler match of some sort. You’ll also get another Del Rio and Christian, and it could also include a third party to change things up.

Best Match: Christian vs Albert Del Rio

Worst Match:
Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole and Jack Swagger

Biggest Pop:
Christian Winning the belt

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