Unforgiven Thoughts as the Week of TV Starts

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WWE Unforgiven will take place Sunday from Tennessee, and so far the card has

* Deuce and Domino vs MVP & Matt Hardy (C) for the WWE Tag Titles
* Cade & Murdoch vs London and Kendrick for the World Tag Titles
* Triple H vs Carlito
* Mark Henry vs Undertaker
* Candice Michelle (C) vs Beth Phoenix for the Women’s Title
* The Great Khali (C) vs Batista vs Rey Mysterio for the World Heavyweight Title
* Randy Orton vs John Cena (C) for the WWE Title

That is 7 matches for the card, and I can see them possibly putting one more in there before the date of the event next Sunday. This to me is mostly as it stands a rather weak card, and I think the thing to watch for here is the two main event title matches, as I would not be surprised to see BOTH title switch. I think the big mistake in this card would be to rush the World title on to Mysterio, who has only been back on TV for a few weeks. I realize that they feel it could capture a buzz, but to me the better route would be a Batista win, then at No Mercy in October you do a one-on-one between Batista and Mysterio. With Taker back, and Edge nearing a return, I fully expect the World Heavyweight Title picture to finally clear up a bit, and to get the strap off of possibly the worst stop gap champion of all-time – Khali.

As for the WWE Title, we have debated this back and forth about if Cena should continue the run or not. On our latest “Turnbuckle Talk” podcast, John Sefcik and I give our thoughts as to putting the belt on Orton, and if that is a good move or not. Don’t forget that it’s now been a year with Cena having the strap, but also don’t forget that he is still the number one draw in the company. It will be interesting to see the direction they take, and if they really feel that Orton is worthy of another title run, as the last one lasted just one month and then he flamed out and lost his top spot to Batista, who cashed in and won the belt at WrestleMania 22. Now about two and a half years later, Orton is back on the main event scene, but there is no for sure about him winning the belt next weekend.


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