Punk Wins ECW Strap; A Few Suspensions Made Known

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Looks like its a shoe-in that John Morrison is one of those WWE superstars that will be taking the next 30 days off. This comes from the fact that Morrison, who has been the ECW champion since the Benoit saga a few months back, lost the belt in a TV taping on Saturday night in Cincy to number one contender C.M. Punk. The WWE official website already has it up on their site that Punk has won the belt, and that you can watch the entire match on Tuesday night on ECW. Punk and Morrison have gone back and forth on PPV’s over the last three months, with Morrison winning each month. Last week on ECW, Punk won a number one contenders match that gave him the chance to win the belt from Morrison.

Also about to be suspended are Umaga and Ken Kennedy. Umaga is now slated, again crediting the WWE website, to start off Monday night RAW vs Jeff Hardy for he IC belt. Here he’ll drop the belt, and Hardy will take it home and Umaga will then start his 30 days off. As for Kennedy, he can quietly slip away, as right now he is not involved with any high profile feud that they have to finish up. Despite what reports were stating, Randy Orton will NOT be suspended, and it looks as if his match with John Cena will be on for the September PPV.


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