Cover Art and Description Out for New Andre the Giant Book

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  • Post comments:0 Comments has released the description and cover art of the upcoming paperback book on Andre the Giant, Andre the Giant: A Legendary Life. Here is the description: “Andre the Giant is known to millions beyond the boundaries of the wrestling ring. From his sheer size of 7′ 4″ and 500 pounds to his memorable acting role in The Princess Bride, the circumstances of his life and career ensured him recognition wherever he went. Born Andre Rousimmof in a small village in France in 1946 (to parents of average height, as were his four siblings) he suffered from acromegaly, or giantism, which results in an overabundance of growth hormones. By the age of seventeen Andre was 6 ‘ 7″, and continued to grow throughout his life.

At the time there was no treatment and life expectancy for this rare condition was forty-five. Determined to make the most of his life, Andre looked for a profession where he could put his size to good use and enjoy each day as if it were his last. As a wrestler he travelled to Canada and then to the USA where, under the aegis of Vince McMahon Sr, he quickly became a superstar, performing to crowds of up to 90,000. Chronicling his life and his phenomenal rise to stardom and featuring input from many who knew and worked with him, this book gives readers a unique insight into the man known and loved across the world as the gentle giant.”



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