No Love Anymore for Triple H Backstage?

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Triple H is said to be the most disliked person in WWE right now. A number of people were upset that he didn’t make a stand to put over Ric Flair last week in what will very likely be his final match in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Triple H has always had heat, but it really picked up over the summer when he basically squashed Booker T at SummerSlam. As part of his renegotiations with the company, they let Booker sit in on booking meetings. He was there to assure that nobody buried him and that he would be taken care of in his feud with Triple H. Of course, the biggest reason he ultimately quit the company was due to the 60-day suspension, but after his match with Triple H went down the way it did, there was a good chance he was leaving WWE anyway. Furthermore, a large number of people within the company believe the ordeal with Triple H is the reason why he left. Several people within WWE really like Booker T — who was one of the most respected wrestlers in the locker room — so they were very upset about how things went down.

Triple H also buried Chris Jericho before he had even arrived. In a sarcastic manner, Triple H was going around to anyone who would listen saying that the company may have had some rough stretches in the past, but they were going to be fine again because “their savior” was coming back. The feeling in the locker room was that he was especially vindictive about Jericho because his wife Stephanie was a big proponent of bringing him back. A number of people believe Triple H came off as very petty in his comments.

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