Are We TNA?

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Tmnight’s Snack Down gave us more incite into No Way Out. And it looks as if the WWE is going the way of TNA. Bring on the gimmick matches. Not only do we get to see the Elimination Chamber for the Raw superstars, we will now see it with the Smack Down stars as well. Tonight Teddy Long, in place of an injured Vickie Guerrero, announced the Undertaker, Batista, Khali, Bid Daddy V, Finlay and MVP will face each other. The winner will take on the Heavy Weight champ at Mania. Let me say this is so lame, the WWE is bigger than this. They don’t need to use the same gimmick on the same card. Have they really run out of ideas. It should be interesting to see if they can pull it off. Both Chamber matches should last at least 45 minutes and will no doubt dominate the show. Is it possible to keep both matches fresh and interesting? I really think the WWE is setting themselves up for a clunker here.

The other match announced for No Way Out is the rematch of Mysterio and Edge. Saw this one coming since neither major contender for the belt, Batista and Taker, won the rumble. I think it is safe to say Edge will win, so that raises the question as to what Mysterio’s role will be at Mania. Will he end up in ECW taking on Chavo, or will he find himself in Money in the Bank? For some odd reason I feel he will be in ECW, which would be a huge boost for the show. Only time will tell. Now on to the match recap!

The aforementioned gentlemen found themselves in tag action with partners CM Punk, with Mystreio, and Chavo with Edge. I felt this was a good mix of these four combatants, as each has history with each other. Once again Punk shows he belongs with the big boys and it won’t be to long till he is a regular on Smack Down. The question really is for Chavo. Is he being used as a plot device in the Guerrero/Edge reign of terror, or is he getting some kind of push? He and Mysterio have great chemistry, but can he carry himself with anybody else. At least he has not faded into obscurity like Elijah Burke.

The Edge Heads, Hawkins and Ryder defeated the hottest tag team of Yang and Moore tonight. I feel this may be a start of good feud involving the tag championship. I still feel they have to take the belts off Miz and Morrison soon, most likely giving them to the Edge Heads, thus completing the family of champions Then it would only be natural to involve Yang and Moore, since they are on Smack Down, in a series of matches with them. Both of these teams are good and tonight was a great sample of things to come.

And following the tag theme of tonight, the Brothers of Destruction reunited to take on Big Daddy V and Mark Henry. Kane and Undertaker would win with Undertaker using his new choke move on Henry. I know they wanted to put the big brawlers together, but is there a future for the Undertaker with either Henry or V. We already have seen enough of Henry and Taker, so lets hope that ends soon. Big Daddy v would be interesting, but I feel the time has come for the Undertaker to stop carrying guys. As for Kane, well let’s face it, any match for him now is good news.

MVP re-matched with Rick Flair tonight and of course Flair’s career is still going on. It was a good match with a cheap finish. MVP reversed the figure four and refused to break the hold with Fair under the ropes. As I said on the pod cast for the Rumble, if they want to pull of this Fair saving his career gig, they need to have him win on his own devices. This DQ, count out win noise just doesn’t cut it. The man is a legend and a multiple champion, but he can’t win clean. He and the fans deserve better than this mockery.

Also Finlay and Hornswoggle took on Deuce and Domino. Finlay/Hornswoggle win, thats all for that one. Actually that’s too much.

On the verbal front good old Palumbo tried to apologize for his actions last week. Of course he wanted Michell McCool to also say she was sorry for costing him matches against Jamie Noble. When she refused, he threatened to hurt Noble as McCool watched. What ever, again the only reason we care about you Chuck is because it means we get to see Michelle. Also, Batista laid another egg tonight talking about how No Way Out is his last chance to main event Mania. Got to give him credit for trying, but its still not there Batista. Your great in the ring, but you need some help on the mic. So there’s Smack Down for you in a nutshell folks.


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