Just Say No, Vickie!!!!!!!

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Please follow the old teachings of Nancy Reagan and just say no. But it does not look that way as Edge and Vickie move one step closer to wedded bliss. But not without Rey Mysterio having his say. And that turned out to be more than Mysterio speaking his peace. In an attempt to take out Edge, Mysterio over shot Edge off the ropes and landed on Vickie, severely injuring her again. This plot looks like more than just fodder for the upcoming event at No Way Out. If Mysterio is still healthy this plot could add Chavo and CM Punk into the mix in a big old family feud. If Edge loses the belt, and Punk wins Money in the Bank this would be a great way of moving Punk to Smack Down by getting him caught up in the Guerrero soap opera. It all really may rest on Mysterio’s bicep, so I guess we have to wait and see.

Other previews for No Way Out tonight included the Undertaker defeating Big Daddy V, then choking out Matt Striker with his new submission move. Look for this move to be used in a big way towards the Undertaker’s win in the Elimination Chamber as they are really pushing this new move on each show.

Batista and MVP went at it again and I really love what these two guys have together. First, MVP has really raised his game and should find himself as a contender for the Heavy Weight title later this year. Second , Batista for once actually had a good verbal spat with MVP a few weeks back when he warned MVP about taking out Rick Flair. I really think these two have great in and out of ring chemistry together, and a possible feud in the future will only help both of them. If MVP and Matt Hardy does not work out, put these two guys together and let the sparks fly.

We were once again treated to Khali and Finlay. And gee guess what happened. Let me see. Could it be possible that Khali knocked out Finlay, to be followed by Hornswoggle entering the ring and looking to be crushed by Kahli. Then followed by a revived Finlay knocking down Khali with a sheelagh. Was I right on this one? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Please end this stupidity soon.

Of course we got our obligatory dose of Chuck Palumbo tonight as he arrived ring side during Michelle McCool’s match against Victoria. Palumbo’s distraction allowed Victoria to get a cheap win. But Chuck was not finished yet, as he entered the ring and pinned Michelle down with his boot by stepping on her arm, then her hair and verbally assaulting her. And guess what, Chuck Palumbo still sucks. Enough said on this one.

Tonight we saw the great possibility of focusing on the tag teams on Smack Down when they had an eight man match with Jesse, Festus, Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore against Hawkins, Ryder, Deuce and Domino. Yes the match turned into mass confusion with all the participants storming into the ring, but how could you not want to see all of the groups get a major push. Let’s face it, the Miz and John Morrison need to be back in singles action and any of these teams would be worthy champions. Plus by developing the tag ranks again it would give us a decent under card for pay per views and avoid any more dumb matches involving the Great Khali, Hornswoggle or Mark Henry.


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