WWE Talking About Bringing Back Angle?

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WWE’s creative team has had recent discussions regarding TNA wrestler Kurt Angle. The discussions are more of a “what if?” scenario as opposed to making any plans that he will return to WWE once his deal with TNA is up in 2009.

People in WWE are interested and are pushing the idea of having Angle work a schedule similar to the one Shawn Michaels works, where he does all TV tapings and pay-per-views, plus some live events, but not a full schedule. The feeling is Angle wouldn’t hold up to a full-time schedule with all his injuries and he will be almost 41 by the time he can return.

Shane McMahon and Michael Hayes have both pitched scenarios for Angle to make his WWE return. Other people in the company are critically thinking why even discuss the subject after Angle’s controversial departure and the way he was in 2005 when he left the company.

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