John Cena Gives an Interesting Interview to The Sun in the UK

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THE last time SunSport spoke to John Cena it was very controversial.

First he told us injury and movie commitments would mean he was away from our screens for months – before returning less than a week later.

Then he criticised The Rock for turning his back on a business he claimed he loved, fuelling a debate that went around the globe and led to Rocky getting his own back at the WWE Hall Of Fame.

Now, catching up with Cena again, the world’s most prominent wrestler expands on what he told us and the fallout from it.

He also reveals his frustration with making movies, disappointment at Ric Flair’s shortened HOF speech and views on this weekend’s huge WWE Judgment Day PPV.

Hi John. What happened after our last interview? You told fans you’d be away until after WrestleMania, then days later we all watched you winning the Royal Rumble.

Well I was shooting a movie, so I wasn’t kidding about that. And I thought I wouldn’t get medical clearance.

But my rehab was going very well, and very quickly, so I decided to ask my doctors and specialists if it was possible for me to return for the Rumble.

They said: ‘Yes, your pectoral muscle should hold up but you also run the risk of tearing it back open and having us re-do the work.’

The four months I’d been out had already been way too long for me to be away from the ring, so I said: ‘To hell with it. Let’s give it a try.’

Then I called Vince and told him what I just told you and that I’d be ready whenever he needed me.

He said: ‘What do you think about the Rumble?’

I replied: ‘Are you kidding me? Let’s go!’

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