A Word to the Wise – Leave the Wrestlers Alone

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I thought it was really disturbing to read the accounts of what took place on Saturday when a fan rushed up and pounded on Chris Jericho’s car as he was trying to leave the arena in BC. Then a fired up Jericho shoved the fan as you could see from the videos we have posted below, and it seemed that Y2J got a bad rap as he was simply trying to leave the arena in one piece, and a mad dash of fans were getting up in his face.

I don’t know why fans feel they have the right to jump on, or even in this case, stop wrestlers in their cars as they are trying to leave arenas. It’s not like they are immune to getting into accidents, and I could see what would happen if a wrestler on accident ran over a fan acting like a fool and rushing up to a WWE Superstars car.

So a word to the wise – leave these guys (and girls for that matter) alone. At the end of the day, they simply don’t want you getting in their way, and while many are nice, some are also tired and want to get from A to B without a mad rush of fans slamming on their cars. It would have been nice to have seen a few of the idiots on Saturday get arrested, as to me – Jericho was simply trying to get out of the arena safely. It was a shame that the idiot fans wouldn’t let it happen.



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