Another Firing: Cryme Tyme Gone

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Another firing by the WWE Sunday, and this time it comes from the tag team division, where Cryme Tyme has been given their notice. The gangsta tag team was let go due mostly from what we are hearing was an incident with Cade and Murdoch at a house show on Saturday. Reports say that the four men got into it after their tag match in Indiana, and that backstage they went back and forth. Upon arrivng today at the taping of RAW that will be shown on Monday night, the pair was told they were fired. Cryme Tyme was getting a pretty big push with their selling of things around the ring during matches, and it seemed like they were on the verge of getting the tag belts down the road.

Now that they are gone, who knows who will be the challengers for Cade and Murdoch. Could they put Brian Kendrick and Paul London in that role? That seems to be the only logical choice, as they have been buried since they were drafted on RAW. How about the Highlanders? They have basically become jobbers, and I would be stunned if they find their way back into the tag title division. It was last year about this time they got a few shots at the tag titles when they were back and forth with the Spirit Squad, but were never able to get the belts. It’s been such a crazy week of turnover with the WWE, first the suspensions of up to 12 wrestlers, and now they fire Eugene and Cryme Tyme. Who knows what we’ll see next.


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