Another Release – WWE Sends Umaga Packing

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In a shocker – Umaga was released Monday from his WWE contract. reports that WWE sources say it was “a situation where he just had to be let go.” What that quote means is anyone’s guess because the sources didn‘t specify, but there have apparently been behavior-related issues with Umaga in the past.

Umaga is telling people he left under his own free will, and while that could be true, it seems unlikely as he just made his return and worked hard to come back.

There have been a lot of people in the company worried about losing their jobs as of late. Vince is said to be even more hyper or “insane” than usual and it’s a very tough time to be a member of the WWE staff. Vince is said to be more short-tempered than usual and is changing his mind on issues very frequently and frantically. Vince is usually much nicer to the wrestlers than the staff, possibly due to the fact most of them are physically bigger than him. Some sources feel that when Vince is mad at a wrestler for doing something, he doesn’t chew out the wrestler but rather takes it out on a staff member like an assistant or a TV announcer. Vince is famous for taking out his anger on Michael Cole and former WWE announcer Mick Foley, both of whom are described as very nice guys by their co-workers. This treatment is what apparently lead to Foley leaving WWE for TNA and becoming one of TNA’s top draws. Mick Foley, alongside Sting, helped set new TNA iMPACT viewership records leading into the company’s Lockdown 2009 PPV. reports that people in the company feel RAW is “boring” is right now, but since Vince is directing creative, nobody says anything. The feeling is that even if you suggest something minor that is logical and would improve the show, you could get chewed out by the boss for it.

On a side note, WWE management is back on a kick to prevent leaks to the internet. Finding moles within the company staff and creative team is back to a top priority.



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