Batista Tears Bicep – Out up to Four Months

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WWE’s website has just confirmed that WWE Champion Batista is injured and will be out of action for four months, putting his return sometime around October. WWE says that the injury is indeed a completely torn left bicep. No word yet on what will come of the WWE Championship. Stay tuned for more details.

Batista has been diagnosed with a torn tendon in the biceps. The good news is that it’s not believed to be a full fledged muscle tear, which means less time out of the ring for him. The injury is believed to have occurred about three weeks ago, but that’s not confirmed. Batista is still scheduled to undergo surgery tomorrow. Many are under the impression that the injury was caused just by wear and tear.

There is no word yet on how long he is expected to be out of action, but those within WWE are hopeful that it will be a minimal amount of time while yesterday they were expecting the worst. It appears Batista is still the WWE Champion after tonight’s RAW. He didn’t show for his match with Randy Orton, but the referee stopped the 10 count right before Triple H made his return to destroy Orton. We may get a better understanding of the whole Batista situation tomorrow after surgery.

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