Crazy Story on Triple H and the New RAW vs SmackDown Game

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We’ve had articles here on the site talking about the news of the leaked memo WWE and THQ put out instructing the video game press to not show Triple H in a vulnerable position when reviewing the SmackDown vs. RAW 2009 video game. The memo said: “refrain from showing Triple H in a losing/defeated/defenseless position.”

The Escapist website picked up on the story and wrote: “Non-wrestling watchers may wonder why one star is so coveted. These actions could be due to Triple H’s notoriety as one of the biggest drawing superstars with the WWE — or his marriage to the company’s owner’s daughter, Stephanie McMahon.”

PC enthusiast website also has an article on the situation. They wrote: “Companies making content requests of news outlets when they write up previews isn’t anything new in the gaming world. Nor is it that unusual to see developers or publishers make strange requests of reporters when we review or preview a game. THQ and WWE can now be added to the list for making bizarre demands of publications writing about the upcoming Smackdown vs Raw game.” They also added: “This is a fighting game, and to demand that journalists NOT show one of the characters getting beat up or losing seems ridiculous at best and moronic at worst. By insisting on controlling what can be covered, THQ and WWE will earn a lot of animosity from the gaming press corps. What’s sad, though, is that all of this bad karma will be earned for a WWE title.”

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