DVD Review – Nature Boy Ric Flair – The Definitive Collection

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Haven’t had a chance to say much about the latest WWE DVD – Nature Boy Ric Flair – The Definitive Collection, but here is my take on the set that was released about two weeks ago. I think it’s a pretty solid collection, with my favorite part being the first disc, which is about a two hour breakdown of Flair’s HOF career.

Put time aside to watch the entire documentary in one sitting, as it’s easy to enjoy the rise of Flair from the days of being chubby trying to find himself early in his career to basically becoming the reborn version of “The Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers. Flair found himself to the point where he was able to turn himself around early in his career, and took “The Nature Boy” character to new heights.

It also has some great background about his time in WCW, mostly dealing with the run with the Four Horseman and then after things fell apart there was a lot about how the company basically used him as a whipping boy for the last few years of his time there, and he talked a lot about how out of control things were at the very end.

The WWE highlights are also en tact, with his legacy leading all the way up to the end of his time in the ring to the eventual retirement match with Shawn Michaels at WM 24. Lots of good backstage stuff that you’ll never see anywhere else. They also have on the second disc (I believe that’s the disc it’s on) the final night on RAW after WM 24 when the entire roster gave him a “Thank you Ric” chant. They also show off the camera stuff where Taker and Vince McMahon come out the ring, stuff they didn’t show on TV on USA Network that night.

I’m not that big into watching old matches that I’ve seen before, but I will say that some of the Flair vs Ricky Steamboat stuff on the discs is priceless. The match with Kerry Von Erich is also one you have to watch again. I also enjoyed the 1991 match between Ric and his good friend, Roddy Piper, which was Flair’s first match at Madison Square Garden.

Bottom line, if your a Flair fan, this is a must, or just a wrestling fan in general, you should pick this up. The first disc I think is worth the $20-$25 you’ll find this for at most stores. The rest is just solid wrestling that you’ll love to pop in now and again for fun.

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