ECW Goes Extreme Again

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Tonight again shows how ECW can be extreme without going over the top like it did in the old days. The tag match of Miz and Morrison against Tommy Dreamer and Colin Delaney was extreme rules and was fairly entertaining. We saw all the staples of extreme rules; garbage cans, tables and bamboo canes without going to the max and really risking anyones personal safety. The most extreme move came at the end when Dreamer was put through a table by the champs. They need to do this on a regular basis and it will make the show more tolerable to watch. Also it would make it extreme again. I understand they may not want to risk their top talent, but you can at least use guys like Balls Mahoney, Nunzio et al. These guys made their living taking it to the extreme in the past and putting them in normal matches does nothing to further their career. At least by going extreme people will be talking about them.

As for the results of the tag match, Miz and Morrison win again. The match lacked pace as it seemed other than Dreamer the other combatants were not sure what to do. Delaney especially looked out of place. I’m not sure if this is supposed to be his character or he really needs some work. He did provide some high flying moves that may actually keep this kid in the spotlight for awhile. Another great moment was Morrison doing a back flip off the apron with a garbage can onto a prone Delaney. If they can keep this hardcore momentum this would be a great feud.

Armando Estrada announced tonight the 24 man battle royal to take on Chavo at Mania for his title. Then quickly introduced one of the participants in the Great Khali. Khali tonight would put a fast end to Steven Richards who then received a further beating from Mike Knox. Given what Richards has gone through to get back in the ring and all his contributions to ECW, he deserves better than being the whipping boy for these stiffs. Knox is only know as being Kelly Kelly’s former boyfriend and Khali is best know for stinking up the ring each and every night. I know Richards has not done much since being in the WWE, but he is an ECW legend and deserves a better fate. Put him up against Kofi Kingston or Elijah Burke and give him some decent matches. Heck why not let him face Chavo. For his years of service he at least deserves this.

From the odd lets take a member of a tag team and put them in singles competition file, we saw Deuce up against Kingston. Kingston would win again and is still looking good. I think it’s time to get him in to a real feud. Again someone like Elijah Burke would be great. Speaking of Burke he took on Festus and lost. This result is puzzling because what is to be gained by this result. It only hurts Burke who as been a major non player in the ECW cards over the past month. Has the WWE given up on him. The looks of it suggests yes.

The final match was a Money in the Bank qualifier between CM Punk and Big Daddy V. Punk would win and now looks like the favorite to win MITB at Mania now that Jeff Hardy is suspended. If there was ever a time to push Punk. it would be now, especially after his great performances against Edge. I can really see that story line developing later this year. The only problem I had with this match was the cheap win. Punk won via the count-out due to the fact he could not take on V due to his size. The announcers made light of that fact throughout the match and even mentioned how Punk would not be able to use the GTS due to V’s size. If Punk is supposed to be one of the best in the WWE, or at least on ECW, to have him not able to beat someone clean makes him look weak. There could have been some other way to finish the match so Punk looks unbeatable. By winning on a count-out it only makes him look lucky.


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