Frustrated Batista Talking About Quitting

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Batista has been talking about taking some time off from WWE, in part because he was frustrated with the push he was getting. He seems to believe he is not yet a top-tier performer, and believes he should be pushed like a true main eventer based off the reaction from the crowds. There is talk that Batista’s win over John Cena at SummerSlam was an attempt to placate him.

There are still rumblings that Batista isn’t happy with his push, and if having him go over Cena was intended to pacify him, it didn’t work. Although Batista has talked about retiring in a year or two, he’s not being taken very seriously, and the feeling is that if he wants to maintain his current lavish lifestyle, he will need the paychecks from WWE.

Either way, he could still end up taking a little time off in the near future depending on where the creative team goes with him.



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