Heat Between WWE and a Magazine Over Triple H

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From: WrestleScoop.com

There was some major heat this past week between WWE and the UK’s Fighting Spirit Magazine. The magazine printed a memo sent out by WWE to members of the video game media that’s covering the SmackDown vs. RAW 2009 video game.

In the memo, WWE said that the press could not use any screenshots of Superstars bleeding or weapons being used. Also, the Superstars have to be called that and can’t be referred to as “wrestlers.”

But here’s the kicker. The memo from WWE also stated that no screenshots are allowed of Triple H “in a defenseless or vulnerable position.” I don’t even have to say how insane this is and how ridiculous the measures WWE are taking to protect Triple H’s image. WWE was furious that the memo was published and that the magazine published a screenshot of a character that looked like Triple H, with synthol filled pecs and welts on his back with Kane standing over him



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