Hector Guerrero Says Vickie Not Speaking to Eddie’s Family Anymore

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In a recent interview with the Miami Herald, Eddie Guerrero’s brother, Hector Guerrero revealed that he has lost contact with Vickie Guerrero:

“Vickie Guerrero is not Vickie Guerrero anymore,” Hector said. “She is Vickie Lara. Till death do us part. She was in love with Eddy and he with her. She went into seclusion, and I can respect that.”

He added, “We know why she kept the family name, but she’s not reached out to us. She is loved by us, and we wish her the best. We just wish should we love us back and return the gesture of communication.”

Hector Guerrero also spoke on working in TNA with LAX, the Guerrero family and more.

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