WWE Talent Unhappy With New Drug Testing Procedures

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source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

World Wrestling Entertainment has changed their drug testing procedure after the company got wind of some wrestlers cheating on drug tests by using a “Whizzinator.” The “Whizzinator” is an easy to conceal urinating device with a realistic prosthetic penis that’s used to defeat drug tests.

WWE has since fired a crew of people who were collectors for not monitoring things a bit more closely. WWE brought in a new crew of monitors to television and the new rule for talent is that you have to be nude “from your ankles to your nipples.” This new testing procedure has left a lot of talent unhappy on two fronts.

Perhaps the biggest complaint is that it’s not exactly fun for talent to have to take off their clothes in front of a monitor and then watch them urinate, especially from the people who were doing things fair and square. Also, there were some wrestlers getting by the drug tests thanks to the “Whizzinator,” and that has obviously left the cheaters unhappy.

WWE believed they had to do it because if someone who cheated got laid off, he or she might brag about how easy it is to cheat the system.

The wrestler who apparently caused the new change in procedure is none other than WWE developmental wrestler Afa Anoa’i, Jr., who currently wrestles for Florida Championship Wrestling. Anoa’i is the son of WWE Hall of Famer Afa, younger brother of former WWF tag team champion Samu, and of course, cousin of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who has spoken out numerous times in the past year against drug use in professional wrestling. If you recall, Afa Jr. was suspended back in March for a violation of WWE’s drug testing policy. He didn’t necessarily fail a drug test, but was caught cheating on one with a “Whizzinator.” As a result, he was suspended for 30 days.

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