Hulk Hogan’s net worth revealed

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Terry Bollea better known to millions of wrestling fans as Hulk Hogan has finally come out in court documents and stated his net worth. According to financial affidavits filed in divorce court near Tampa, Florida, Hogan claims his net worth is $32 million; his wife claims it’s $26.7 million.

The “Hulkster” claims that he is spending $38,000 a month on legal fees alone. Linda Bollea is spending over $15,000 a month on nonsense stuff. She is reporting spending the following $7,000 on clothing, $7,500 on maid service and about $1,700 on jewelry each month.

Boy, does she have it tough. She might want to try and spend some of that on liposuction.

Oh yeah and all of this fighting over money is going on while Nick is serving 8 months in prison.
At least they have their priorities straight.


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