Information on the DivaMania Tour with Tiffany, Jillian & Maria

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Former WWE Diva Taryn “Tiffany” Terrell revealed more information to The Miami Herald this weekend about the upcoming DivaMania tour with her, Jillian Hall and Maria Kanellis.

The tour is being put together by Terrell and Andrew Scott, president of Scott Celebrity Management. The three former Divas will be making stops across the world meeting fans.

Tiffany said:

“It has really come together. We have really great names associated with it. We all have such a following. It’s really going to be cool to be able to get out there to talk to our fans and meet our fans, as well as tour the country and the world. We don’t have to worry about the PG level of WWE anymore, which is what we were under the constraints of.

So now we get to let loose and be who we are. Andrew Scott has been amazing to put this whole thing together. I think there is going to be a lot of interest in it. I’m ready to party down with everybody around the world.”

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