Warrior Continues to Bash Hulk Hogan

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Ultimate Warrior revealed last night on Twitter that his much anticipated “Karma is Coming to Collect” video will be posted in less than 48 hours and that he has plans to expose him.

“Hogan takes high road-where?when? Never has,” Warrior wrote. “In WM6 best sports entertainer in the world prevailed. Today, best man will. No punches pulled.”

He added, “Terry, almost time for KiCtC. Better triple your meds — or have your PoS friend Knobbs come over and feign heart attacks…good for laughs.

Warrior also commented on Hogan’s Facebook flap over the weekend: “Hogan blames the fans, then acts like it never happened… good example of Hulkamania’s positivity and authenticity. He is totally lost.”

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