Rated “R” Cashes In To Take Home World Title

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Well, as they always say, you can never guess what is going to happen next in the world of wrestling. Just within a blink of an eye, the Rated “R” Superstar – Edge, has cashed in his Money in the Bank that he won on Monday night vs Ken Kennedy on RAW and has become the new World Heavyweight Champion. The spoiler isn’t much of a spoiler as it was not only sent to WWE Mobile subscribers, but also is the lead story on WWE.com.

The setup was done with Undertaker being attacked by a returning Mark Henry, who Taker feuded with last year leading up to a match at WrestleMania. Henry beatdown Taker, and then Edge hit the ring and pinned the Deadman to take home his first World Heavyweight Title. This is the second time that Edge used a “sneak attack” to become a top champion, as he basically did the same thing last year to John Cena at New Year’s Revolution 2006.

The plans for Taker to have a long title run went down the tubes after he tore his bicep, an injury that is going to need surgery and about 6 months to heal. The planned run was then talked about within the top WWE circles, and instead of just giving the belt back to Batista, whcih was the original plan, they went with the heel champ in Edge. There has been talk about Randy Orton going to SmackDown, and if it were not for his incident in Europe, the title might be on him today.

Now with Edge as the World Champion, the likely series of matches will have him defending against faces like Batista, Chris Benoit, and Kane. Who Edge will take on as champ at Judgement Day is still up in the air, but in all likelyhood, it will be Batista.


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