Injuries Putting a Damper on WWE in 2007

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Many pro sports seasons have been destroyed due to injuries, and right now the year in Pro Wrestling, that being 2007, is being hindered big time due to injuries to many big names in the WWE. The injuries have gotten so bad that quite a few programs have had to be shifted, and there already has even been a major title change because of one of the injuries.

The first major injury that shifted plans was the quad tear of HHH that took place on the January PPV. The tear was not as severe as the one suffered by Hunter a few years back, but is big enough to keep him on the sidelines for most of the year. The injury also took HHH out of WrestleMania, where while at that point it was undecided, there were rumors that he and John Cena might have locked up in a rematch of last years WM 22 thriller in Chicago. Upon his return, HHH was to have a program with Edge, but now with his move to SmackDown, plans there will have to be shifted.

Major injury #2 came shortly after WrestleMania 23, as World Heavyweight Champ the Undertaker suffered a torn bicep. Taker was having a huge 2007, and his win of the title at WM was expected to set him on a course to possibly have his best year ever with a long title run and couple of big programs. The injury should keep him sidelined until about Survivor Series, and if things go as planned, I would assume they will put him in a major title program with possibly Edge. If he gets the strap back or not is a question that will have to be answered upon his return.

While Taker’s injury shifted the SmacDown title pic, a plan was quickly put into place, giving Edge the title. The way he got that title was by cashing in the Money in the Bank, which Edge got from Ken Kennedy, who also is out right now with an injury. The official injury to Kennedy is a slight tear to his tricep. Early word was that he would be out for a few months, but now it has been determined that no surgery would be needed. Kennedy should be back in about 6-8 weeks, which could help the roster on the SmackDown side a great deal. Of course what he comes back as – a heel or face, should be interesting.

Another injury that recently went down that will hit hard on the RAW side is that of Shawn Michaels – HBK. The word is that Micahels has a “blown out knee” and will be having surgery possibly as soon as today. The injury has been around for sometime, but recently the knee got worse, and after much thought, the decision to have surgery finally could not be avoided. Michaels has been in one of the best programs of the year, a title showdown with John Cena, and now that he will be out till about November, that program is all but dead, and we’re forced to put up with matches like Cena vs Khali.

A final injury could be the worst in terms of the injury, but it is to a mid-card wrestler instead of a main eventer. That injury is to Gregory Helms, who this past week underwent neck fusion surgery. It’s the same injury that more than a few superstars have suffered, including Steve Austin, Lita and Chris Benoit. The injury will sideline him for about a year if all goes well.

So while the company is doing the best they can with filling programs and using backup plans for these injuries, there is no doubt that losing four main event guys for an extended period as well as losing a mid-card guy like Helms is not going to make for the very best matches would could be seeing in 2007.


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