Jim Ross Comments on Brooke, Affliction, Coach, RAW

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Here are some latest tidbits from Jim Ross’ blog:

Brooke in Playboy

Is Brooke Bollea Hogan actually considering posing for Playboy Magazine? First of all, I have zero issues with Playboy Magazine but wouldn’t one think that the timing of this particular matter helps no one but Playboy? What’s next, Nick in semi prison garb in Playgirl magazine? Can everyone, all at one time, say…”LAY LOW”? Leave the media crazy, TMZ-like radar screen and watch public perception improve….if that matters and perhaps it doesn’t. There was a fan’s sign in Philly Tuesday that read, “Hulk We Still Love You.” BROTHER!

Affliction PPV

Affliction made a nice foray into the pay per view marketplace last Saturday night. The franchise guy is obviously Fedor, who needs no last name, who, at 28-1, is a physical freak and as long as he can stay on top the brand has a great chance to continue to grow and build momentum. Affliction would be wise to carefully market Fedor outside their envelope all the while being careful not to overexpose Fedor and to maintain his “mystique”. Also, rushing into a Fedor-Couture fight might not be the best promotional strategy for Affliction as fans love the build up to a big fight and “anticipation” is a great marketing tool for a potential consumer. Plus, Couture needs a fight in which he can display his skills prior to venturing into the ring with Fedor which obviously is a big money piece of business.

On the Coach at the Bash

It was great seeing Jonathan Coachman for a few minutes Sunday afternoon at the Nassau Coliseum and getting to meet his new, baby daughter who is beautiful for the record. Coach is leaving the WWE and will begin a new career with ESPN and will be moving to the Bristol area in the near future. I am not sure but I think I first met Coach in Kansas City where he was working with Len Dawson, the former K.C. Chiefs Hall of Fame quarterback, doing local sports on TV. It seems as if Coach may have visited the day we produced Smackdown show #1 which I broadcast with The King. Michael Cole took over then the next week on episode #2. I wish Coach nothing but the best and he is genuinely and deservedly excited about his new gig. Our infamous “Country Whipping Match” that took place in Chicago on Monday night Raw was a unique experience for both of us and I am sure provided some insiders with a chuckle or two. I do think it got a decent TV ratings from what I recall, and quite frankly ladies and gentlemen, isn’t that what makes the world go ’round?

On the Going Back to RAW Rumors

I noticed that when I dispelled the “J.R.’s Heading Back To Raw” rumors that many printed that I inferred that I would not go back to the Monday show if asked which is inaccurate. Of course I would take the assignment because I still cash the WWE’s checks. My Dad taught me that if one is going to accept another’s cash then do your damnedest to earn one’s keep. The day that I decide to hang it up will occur some day but until then I am going to continue to be a team player and I have no issues in accepting pay for my work even though I personally believe that I am “bargain priced” 🙂 for the WWE. I know this statement will cause some morons to write about my perceived lack of character or intellect for “being a team player” especially in light “of all the negative things” that have occurred to me over the years. Say what you wish, I still have fun seeing the wrestlers when I go to work, I enjoy meeting fans and interacting with them, and I still have a blast doing commentary of which I am damn competitive and still think that I can carry my share of the water (thanks to Deadwood’s Al Swearengin for that one).

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