JR Blog: Monday’s RAW from STL, The Rock’s WrestleMania Role

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Jim Ross is back with another blog on jrsbarbq.com where he talks about UFC purchasing Strikeforce. Here are some of the wrestling-related highlights:

– It is still a head scratcher to me as to what role @TheRock will play, if any, in the WWE Title Bout at WM27. A good piece of road has been traveled in that vehicle to not deliver the good in some fashion, or so it would seem. This mater alone makes this Wrestlemania hard to definitively predict.

– WM27 ticket sales are well north of 50,000 paid for well over a $5M gate and I’m predicting that the event will do between 65-75,000 fans for a gate of over $6M and perhaps getting close to $7M. When I broadcast the first event ever in the Georgia Dome, an Atlanta Falcon exhibition football game, in 1992, never in my wildest dream did I ever imagine that I would be attending a wrestling event in the house that Deion Sanders used to electrify that it would be packed.

– The St. Louis Raw this Monday is an important stop on the road to Wrestlemania especially after following the Dallas show last Monday when @steveaustinBSR returned to pop a terrific TV rating. If history holds true, the final three Monday night Raw’s going into a Wrestlemania PPV are generally hot shows. St. Louis has significant advance ticket sales and the long time hotbed of pro wrestling from the Promoter Sam Muchnick days will likely be a hot, loud crowd which makes any show better. It is crunch time for all involved in MNR as its like needing three wins over three weeks to make it to the championship game at the Final Four.

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