RAW 9/10

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All I can really say from Monday Night’s RAW in Green Bay is – Ken Kennedy – you blew it. The angle that was set up for the biggest push of Kennedy’s career – that being Vince McMahon’s son, was basically made for him, and instead of taking advantage of it and going to on bigger and better, Kennedy blew it by taking some sort of substance that landed him on the suspended list. This despite the fact he had gone on Nancy Grace awhile ago and stated he was not on any substances. He is a fraud and liar, and his career is now in the WWE doghouse because of it.

Moving on, the Vince’s son angle is finally over, and instead of using it to push a major superstar, they used it to basically push a comedy angle. The son ended up being Hornswaggle, the current cruiserweight champion and comedy relief on SmackDown. The tease of the show seemed to point that the son was Triple H, and can I just say that would have been about the biggest disaster of all time if they would have gone that route, and at the end of the show it was down to Sandman, HHH and JBL. They eliminated JBL and Sandman, and then the last clue was that the son likes to play games – horseshoe, hopscotch and marbles. Thus leaving Hornswaggle.

Now that this angle is over, I don’t see them doing much of anything with it. I foresee them just blowing it off, and just never really going back to it again beyond this week. Then again I could be totally wrong and they could spend 15-20 minutes each show on it with various comedy angles and what not, but I personally think the better idea would be to just drop it, move on, and get a main event angle back in the mix for Vince and Triple H, which it appears is what they are setting up for in the coming months.

The rest of the show was blah at best, as this was not the best way to sell a pay-per-view for Sunday. The main event angle with John Cena and Randy Orton was nothing more than a brawl in the ring, followed by a breakup by “security” and that was all we saw of Cena. The main event was a squash pretty much with Jeff Hardy vs Khali, with the big slow winning and then Batista coming out and attacking him, pushing Sunday’s triple threat with Khali vs Mysterio vs Batista.

About the best match of the night was HHH vs Shelton Benjamin, as they pushed how HHH lost to Benjamin three plus years ago when Shelton came to RAW from Smackdown. It was a good match, and pushed the Carlito vs HHH match for Sunday, which is now a No-DQ for Carlito, and a normal match for HHH. Odd booking on that one indeed. They had a womens match with Mickie James beating Jillian Hall. The odd thing is that now Candice comes out for every womens match? Why was she at the announcer table? And can we find some better music for her than that stupid beat box 1984 song that they remade for her? The old song was better, and now they changed it to be like a mix of Black Box and Salt N’ Pepa. Oh, I guess she was out there because Beth Phoenix attacked both women and then Candice when it was over. Whatever.

So were on to Unforgiven on Sunday. The PPV has some potential, but overall this is going to be another middle of the road PPV, which is a downer since I really thought that this years version of SummerSlam was not what it usually is. I suspect they are going to try to really load up Survivor Series in November to make up for it, but we shall see. Don’t forget that John Sefcik and I will be with you all weekend with our Unforgiven Preview show on Saturday and then Post match report Sunday night.


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