Backlash Coverage Match Six: Last Man Standing Match for the World Heavyweight Title – Edge vs John Cena

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The finale of Backlash is upon us, as it’s the “Last Man Standing” match with John Cena taking on Edge. Here’s our thoughts on this final match to wrap up yet another WWE PPV.

Matt: A VERY cool ending to a match that seemed to drag on forever, the Last Man Standing you knew was going to have some cool spots, but it was good to see they saved the best for last. The Big Show choke slam through the spotlight was very well done, and it looked great on TV. The match was the usual long, dragged out with a number of near 10 counts, but in the end, you knew that Edge needed to get this belt back so SmackDown would have someone to call champion.

It seemed to be a pretty scary shot through the spotlight, and even on the replay, it seemed there was no real way to protect Cena when he took the slam. Let’s hope that he’s okay, but at the same time, I think we’re heading for a big Cena-Show feud, while Edge starts a showdown with someone on SmackDown. Who that is will be anyone’s guess.

John: Well we got our payoff for watching this lackluster pay per view. On a evening of average matches, and that is being generous, we saw a fantastic main event. It started slowly, but one had to see that coming as they has plenty of time to fill out for this show. But the momentum grew and the action started to pick up in the ring. But they saved the best for last as they took it outside, and in the stands. It started with Edge getting tossed into the front row from the announce table. Then we went into the crowd, out into the concourse and back to the stage. Here it ended with Cena being tossed into a spotlight via the Big show and Edge walking away with the win. You knew Edge would win as they need a major belt on Smack Down, but this finish was unpredictable. It matches like this that will pick up interest in the WWE again. This match harkens back to the Attitude era when ECW was forcing major brands to up the ante in order to keep fan interest.

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