Jim Ross Shares His Thoughts in His Updated Blog

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Jim Ross is back with another blog update at jrsbarbq.com. Below are the highlights from this entry:

– JR on Kurt Angle:
There aren’t many wrestlers that I have known over the years that I have respected for their natural, in ring talents more than Kurt Angle. Being involved in signing Kurt into pro wrestling and seeing him grow in the early part of his professional career was a very rewarding experience for me. However, I am growing tired of the talk that a viable MMA career for Kurt is going to happen essentially any day now. Reading this stuff is more painful than Kurt’s ankle lock and I don’t see Kurt ever migrating to the main stage of MMA, the UFC. If the talented, former Olympic Gold Medalist had gone that direction instead of coming to the WWE back in the day, I could easily buy it but not today. Too much time has passed, too many injuries have occurred and, to me, that ship has sailed. No one asked me my opinion on this matter nor will they or should they but if asked I would suggest to Kurt to stick with pro wrestling and do all he can to maintain good health.

– JR on Trish Stratus: I can still remember the day a few years ago that Trish Stratus walked into my office on the 4th floor of the WWE headquarters in lovely Stamford, Connecticut to meet with me about a job in the company. Any one with sight could see that Trish had an amazingly marketable look (she still does for that matter) but what stuck with me the most upon reflecting back on that first meeting was her positive attitude and her overwhelming desire to be successful. No Diva that I have ever been around in the WWE ever worked harder at getting better in the ring than Trish Status. Trish always gave great effort and was extremely reliable and low maintenance. Her new TV show which airs in Canada on Monday nights on the Travel and Escape Network is called “Statusphere.”

– JR on Orton and WWE injuries: I don’t know when Orton will actually be back in the ring but I have heard it could be in approximately two months. It won’t come none too soon. Injuries are a part of the fabric of the business and always have been. I’ve always believed that when someone goes down it creates an opportunity for others who have been waiting for their chance to strike pay dirt. That scenario is unfortunately the lay of the land right now in the WWE with some many talented individuals injured.

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