The Summer is Set

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Tonight’s Raw did a great job setting up the programs that will dominate the summers pay per views, and it looks like we have some exciting stuff to look forward to. The two major titles on Raw tonight saw most likely who the future competitors will be leading up to Summer Slam. For the WWE title it looks like a mix of Tripe H, John Cena and Jeff Hardy. While on the Intercontinental front it looks like we will finally see the turn of Chis Jericho as he will face HBK. We also saw tonight what looks like a three way battle for the Women’s title between Mickie James, Beth Phoenix and Melina, and of course the tag belts being challenged by Ted DiBiase Jr. and his mystery partner. These match ups all have great potential and this is only what Raw will bring to the table for the summer. It should finally be some good pay per views to look froward to.

First the WWE title finally will fulfill all wrestling fans dreams on a prolonged program between Triple H and Cena. Due to injuries this has not happened and it will no doubt pit the two biggest names in the industry. I questioned if it was to soon for this last week, but now that it looks like Hardy will defiantly be in the picture, so those worries are taken care off. You can get two good matches out of just H and Cena; first at the Night of Champions then the Great American Bash, then throw Hardy into the mix for Summer Slam. Also keeping Hardy around makes it interesting for Raw as you can mix and match him with Triple H and Cena in order to get his shot in the title mix. I’ve expressed concerns that the WWE would not rush to put Hardy back into a major program due o his previous suspensions, but you cannot deny he was a huge favorite going into Mania to be the champ. You have to figure they are drug testing him some ridiculous amount of times now just to make sure he keeps it clean. I’m not sure if he gets the strap this year, but look for him to be one of the favorites to main event Mania next year, that is if he doesn’t violate the substance abuse policy again.

The Intercontinental title mix should be good between Y2J and HBK. Michaels deserves a shot at a major title as a reward for always coming up with one of the better matches for pay per views. He really hasn’t been in a true title program, despite his popularity, and deserves to wear gold. I felt he would get a shot at the WWE title, but the three men mentioned above have way to much behind them to step aside for HBK. He still is a fan favorite and going up against Jericho brings some legitimacy to the Intercontinental title that has bee way to bereft of decent competition as of late. Both Jericho and Michaels are electric in and out of the ring and the fans love them. They have shown they work well together and should make things interesting. Not sure if this can last all the way to Summer Slam, but we should at least get two god pay per view matches out of it. This was another combination, along with Batista who was in the mix, that I stated was getting old. But now we have finally gotten to what looks like Jericho’s heel turn and I now feel there may be something here that could entertain. Only time will tell.

The women’s division looks to be in good hands with Mickie James, Beth Phoenix and Melina. Hopefully we will see another triple threat match at Night of Champions as Mickie and Beth still don’t seem to work well together. Their match tonight was not bad, but for how great these two ladies are in the ring I expect more. For some reason Melina just adds the right dimension to spice things up between these two. As far as it all works out this summer it really doesn’t matter as any combination of the three ladies is excellent booking. Other than Victoria over on Smack Down these are the best women wrestlers in the industry today and I look forward to matches featuring them. And that’s saying allot considering how critical I can be towards the women’s division.

As for the World Tag Team belts I think we all know Rhodes will turn on Holly, but when is the question. I feel this will happen at the Night of Champions as Cody will actually become DiBiase Jr’s partner that night and Holly will face them in a handicap match. As the old DiBiase saying goes “everyman has his price” and young Cody will succumb to this. By making the sons of former legends champs, the WWE has a great way of promoting them and should get more mileage out of that angle than Rhodes and Holly. And just hopefully we will see them defend their championship more than what currently is happening. You have great teams on Raw, with London and Kendrick, Cryme Tyme, and Marella and Carlito. Please develop all these teams and give us some classic tag competition on Raw and the occasional pay per view. There is talent there and I think people would rather see any mix of the teams mentioned above on a pay per view instead of Big Show and the Great Khali. I’m not sure why the WWE got away from tag action, but they have a good mix of teams now that can entertain each and every night.


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